UOB Branch Code, Swift Codes & Trading Hours Details

Customers usually require a branch code at the time of doing Internet banking. It’s always hard to remember all bank branch codes and users often face problems in finding the right branch code online. Therefore, we have listed all the UOB Branch Codes below so that you can find them easily!

UOB Branch Code

Below you will find the exact UOB Bank Branch Code that you can use for online banking or mobile banking.

Account Number
(1st 3 digits of Account Number)
UOB Branch CodeUOB Branch Name
101001UOB Main
102002UOB Jalan Sultan
103003UOB City Plaza
104004UOB Tai Seng
105005UOB Rochor
106006UOB Novena Square
107007UOB Thomson
108008UOB Vivo City
109057UOB Anson Road
110010UOB Thomson
111057UOB Anson Road
112012UOB Bukit Panjang
113013UOB Jurong Point
114014UOB City Plaza
115015UOB Toa Payoh
116016UOB Novena Square
117017UOB Coleman
118018UOB Scotts
119019UOB New Bridge
120020UOB Holland
121057UOB Anson Road
122022UOB Thomson
123023UOB Serangoon Garden
124024UOB Serangoon Garden
125025UOB Parkway Parade
126059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
127027UOB Bedok
128028UOB Ang Mo Kio
129029UOB Scotts Square
130030UOB Clementi
131031UOB Parkway Parade
132032UOB City Plaza
133033UOB Novena Square
134034UOB Clementi
135035UOB Boon Lay
136036UOB Parkway Parade
137037UOB Suntec City
138038UOB Tampines
139039UOB Northpoint
140040UOB Changi Airport
141041UOB Bukit Batok Central
142042UOB Coleman
143043UOB Changi Airport
144044UOB Pasir Ris
145045UOB Woodlands
146046UOB Coleman
147047UOB Rochor
148048UOB Coleman
150050UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
151051UOB Bukit Batok Central
152052UOB Suntec City
153053UOB Boon Lay
154054UOB Bukit Panjang
155055UOB Tampines
156056UOB Bukit Panjang
157057UOB Anson Road
158058UOB Jalan Sultan
159059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
160060UOB Vivo City
162062UOB Parkway Parade
163063UOB Hougang
164064UOB City Plaza
166066UOB Bishan
167067UOB Bendemeer
168068UOB Orchard
169069UOB Macpherson
180080UOB Main
201057UOB Anson Road
202058UOB Jalan Sultan
203059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
204058UOB Jalan Sultan
206060UOB Vivo City
207062UOB Parkway Parade
208059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
209063UOB Hougang
210060UOB Vivo City
211064UOB City Plaza
212066UOB Bishan
213063UOB Hougang
215060UOB Vivo City
216067UOB Bendemeer
217068UOB Orchard
218067UOB Bendemeer
219069UOB Macpherson
301 (301-1XX-XXX-X, Passbooks Savings accounts & TD)046UOB Coleman
301 (301-3XX-XXX-X, CA & Statement based Savings accounts)001UOB Main
302046UOB Coleman
303047UOB Rochor
304048UOB Coleman
307307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
308308UOB Admiralty
309002UOB Jalan Sultan
310004UOB Tai Seng
311311UOB Coleman
312006UOB Novena Square
314007UOB Thomson
318057UOB Anson Road
320320UOB Orchard
321037UOB Suntec City
324012UOB Bukit Panjang
327327UOB Ang Mo Kio
328328UOB Bedok
330013UOB Jurong Point
332332UOB Farrer Park
335014UOB City Plaza
336336UOB JEM
337064UOB City Plaza
338038UOB Tampines
339016UOB Novena Square
340019UOB New Bridge
341020UOB Holland
343343UOB New Bridge
344024UOB Serangoon Garden
346346UOB Northpoint
347059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
348027UOB Bedok
349028UOB Ang Mo Kio
350001UOB Main
351351UOB Main
352001UOB Main
353066UOB Bishan
354047UOB Rochor
355015UOB Toa Payoh
356062UOB Parkway Parade
357018UOB Scotts Square
358446UOB Northpoint
359029UOB Scotts Square
360030UOB Clementi
361031UOB Parkway Parade
362032UOB City Plaza
363035UOB Boon Lay
364036UOB Parkway Parade
365037UOB Suntec City
366038UOB Tampines
367039UOB Northpoint
368040UOB Changi Airport
369041UOB Bukit Batok Central
370044UOB Pasir Ris
371045UOB Woodlands
372046UOB Coleman
373050UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
374057UOB Anson Road
375059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
376060UOB Vivo City
377064UOB City Plaza
378063UOB Hougang
379067UOB Bendemeer
380068UOB Orchard
381307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
382308UOB Admiralty
383311UOB Coleman
384320UOB Orchard
385327UOB Ang Mo Kio
386328UOB Bedok
387332UOB Farrer Park
388336UOB JEM
389343UOB New Bridge
390351UOB Main
391431UOB Shenton Way
392432UOB Jalan Sultan
393437UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
394441UOB West Coast
395447UOB Serangoon Central
396448UOB Hougang MRT
397001UOB Main
398001UOB Main
399492UOB Raffles City
401431UOB Shenton Way
402432UOB Jalan Sultan
403432UOB Jalan Sultan
404432UOB Jalan Sultan
405447UOB Serangoon Central
406328UOB Bedok
407437UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
408028UOB Ang Mo Kio
409328UOB Bedok
410336UOB JEM
411441UOB West Coast
412432UOB Jalan Sultan
413447UOB Serangoon Central
414441UOB West Coast
415336UOB JEM
416446UOB Northpoint
417447UOB Serangoon Central
419001UOB Main
420493UOB Waterway Point
421494UOB Raffles City
422495UOB Vivo City
423496UOB Toa Payoh
424497UOB Marina Bay Financial Ctr
425418UOB Suntec City
426068UOB Orchard
427001UOB Main
428038UOB Tampines
429446UOB Northpoint
430495UOB Vivo City
431431UOB Shenton Way
432432UOB Jalan Sultan
433001UOB Main
434012UOB Bukit Panjang
435028UOB Ang Mo Kio
436027UOB Bedok
437437UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
438019UOB New Bridge
441441UOB West Coast
446446UOB Northpoint
447447UOB Serangoon Central
448448UOB Hougang MRT
450001UOB Main
451001UOB Main
455045UOB Woodlands
456001UOB Main
457015UOB Toa Payoh
459001UOB Main
460001UOB Main
461336UOB JEM
462016UOB Novena Square
463035UOB Boon Lay
465001UOB Main
466036UOB Parkway Parade
467067UOB Bendemeer
492492UOB Raffles City
493493UOB Waterway Point
494494UOB Raffles City
495495UOB Vivo city
501046UOB Coleman
502046UOB Coleman
503046UOB Coleman
504046UOB Coleman
505046UOB Coleman
506046UOB Coleman
507046UOB Coleman
508046UOB Coleman
611001UOB Main
612001UOB Main
613001UOB Main
614001UOB Main
615001UOB Main
616001UOB Main
617001UOB Main
618001UOB Main
619001UOB Main
620001UOB Main
631630UOB Marina Bay Financial Ctr
633632UOB Wealth Banking Scotts Square
636635UOB Wealth Banking Tampines
638637UOB MBFC Privilege
640639UOB Wealth Banking Katong
642641UOB PBC Serangoon Garden
643643UOB Wealth Banking JEM
645013UOB Jurong Point
650643UOB Wealth Banking JEM
651651UOB Private Bank
655653UOB Tampines One
657656UOB Lot One
658013UOB Jurong Point
662662UOB PBC Orchard
663662UOB PBC Orchard
666665UOB PBC Bukit Timah
668497UOB Marina Bay Financial Ctr
688651UOB Private Bank
701001UOB Main
702332UOB Farrer Park
703336UOB JEM
704004UOB Tai Seng
705432UOB Jalan Sultan
706446UOB Northpoint
707007UOB Thomson
708447UOB Serangoon Central
709448UOB Hougang MRT
710493UOB Waterway Point
711494UOB Raffles City
712012UOB Bukit Panjang
713013UOB Jurong Point
714014UOB City Plaza
715015UOB Toa Payoh
716016UOB Novena Square
717495UOB Vivo City
718018UOB Scotts
719019UOB New Bridge
720020UOB Holland
721630UOB Marina Bay Financial Ctr
722632UOB Wealth Banking Scotts Square
723635UOB Wealth Banking Tampines
724024UOB Serangoon Garden
725637UOB MBFC Privilege
726026UOB Upper Bukit Timah
727027UOB Bedok
728028UOB Ang Mo Kio
729639UOB Wealth Banking Katong
730030UOB Clementi
731641UOB PBC Serangoon Garden
732643UOB Wealth Banking JEM
733651UOB Private Bank
734662UOB PBC Orchard
735035UOB Boon Lay
736036UOB Parkway Parade
737037UOB Suntec City
738038UOB Tampines
740040UOB Changi Airport
741041UOB Bukit Batok Central
744044UOB Pasir Ris
745045UOB Woodlands
746046UOB Coleman
747047UOB Rochor
750050UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
753653UOB Tampines One
757057UOB Anson Road
759059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
763063UOB Hougang
765665UOB PBC Bukit Timah
766066UOB Bishan
767067UOB Bendemeer
768068UOB Orchard
769001UOB Main
901001UOB Main
902343UOB New Bridge
903343UOB New Bridge
904332UOB Farrer Park
905320UOB Orchard
906004UOB Tai Seng
907307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
908308UOB Admiralty
909307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
910030UOB Clementi
911311UOB Coleman
912032UOB City Plaza
913062UOB Parkway Parade
914063UOB Hougang
915015UOB Toa Payoh
916014UOB City Plaza
917013UOB Jurong Point
918343UOB New Bridge
919067UOB Bendemeer
920320UOB Orchard
921037UOB Suntec City
922001UOB Main
923007UOB Thomson
924311UOB Coleman
925050UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
926059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
927327UOB Ang Mo Kio
928328UOB Bedok
929030UOB Clementi
930038UOB Tampines
931032UOB City Plaza
932332UOB Farrer Park
933063UOB Hougang
934343UOB New Bridge
935038UOB Tampines
936336UOB JEM
937001UOB Main
938038UOB Tampines
942001UOB Main
945035UOB Boon Lay
946346UOB Northpoint
951001UOB Main
952343UOB New Bridge
953343UOB New Bridge
954332UOB Farrer Park
955320UOB Orchard
956004UOB Tai Seng
957307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
958308UOB Admiralty
959307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
960030UOB Clementi
961311UOB Coleman
962032UOB City Plaza
963062UOB Parkway Parade
964063UOB Hougang
965015UOB Toa Payoh
966014UOB City Plaza
967013UOB Jurong Point
968343UOB New Bridge
969067UOB Bendemeer
970320UOB Orchard
971037UOB Suntec City
972001UOB Main
973007UOB Thomson
974311UOB Coleman
975050UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza
976059UOB Upper Bukit Timah
977327UOB Ang Mo Kio
978328UOB Bedok
979030UOB Clementi
980038UOB Tampines
981032UOB City Plaza
982332UOB Farrer Park
983063UOB Hougang
984343UOB New Bridge
985038UOB Tampines
986336UOB JEM
987001UOB Main
988038UOB Tampines
989001UOB Main
990001UOB Main
992001UOB Main
993001UOB Main
995035UOB Boon Lay
996346UOB Northpoint

What is the UOB Branch Code?

United Overseas Bank or UOB Main Branch Code is 7375.

Now in Singapore, every banking company adopting this user-friendly system of using branch codes. As a result, you can choose either to have branch codes or banks that have individual codes for every single branch.

However, if you are like so many individuals who are often searching for what your branch code is, please be advised that you can now make a habit of using the single branch code when making payments into collections online to make things easier.

What is the UOB SWIFT Code?


UOB Branch Near You

In conclusion, if you want to find your favorite UOB Branch near you. You can do that by visiting the UOB Branch Locator. For enquiries, please call 1800 222 2121, Official website: uob.com.sg

Read our previously published article on the DBS Branch Code.

UOB Bank Opening Hours

Monday11:00 am–7:00 pm
Tuesday11:00 am–7:00 pm
Wednesday11:00 am–7:00 pm
Thursday11:00 am–7:00 pm
Friday11:00 am–7:00 pm

Extended UOB Bank Bank Trading Hours: UOB Bank’s standard operating hours are generally from 09:00 am–4:30 pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and Saturdays, Sundays Closed, and public holidays as well. However, specific branch hours may vary, so it’s advisable to verify the operating times for a particular branch through their website, contact details, or local listings.

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