Best Ways to Destroy Your Metal Credit Card

American Express Centurion, also known as the “Black Card”, was once the only reference point for metal cards. The card was mysterious and exclusive. It seemed to be a way to show wealth and status, and it seldom affected the average credit card user. Nearly all major credit card issuers now offer a metal card. Many of these cards are almost identical to their plastic counterparts. Metal cards have many aesthetic benefits. They look and feel more classic, whatever that may mean. Metal cards are more durable than plastic, so they will look and feel newer and last longer than plastic.

This upside makes it more difficult to get rid of metal cards when it’s time to retire them. It is not as easy as destroying a plastic card. However, a pair of scissors can suffice to make it happen. You might be reissued an expired card or the card number has been compromised for fraud and requires replacement.

It doesn’t matter what reason you have, it is important to get rid of your card securely and prevent any future use. You don’t need to reach for the shredder or click a link for third-party disposal services. Instead, we offer advice on the best and worst ways to dispose of metal cards.

How to destroy metal credit cards?

There are a few ways to get rid of a metal credit card. These are the most popular strategies to get rid of a metal card.

1) Talk to Your Credit Card Company

Nearly all metal credit card companies offer cardmembers the opportunity to request a pre-paid envelope to safely return an expired or damaged metal card.

Cardmembers can then rest assured that their card information will be safely disposed of directly by the credit card company.

Many credit card companies, including Chase and American Express, are willing and able to do this.

2) Use Heavy Duty Scissors

Heavy-duty scissors might not be able to completely destroy a metal credit card. It’s worth trying if you already have a pair.

3) Use a Torch or Drill

You can also use more extreme tools to destroy a metal credit card. Credit card users reported that they used a drill or metal cutter to remove metal credit cards with different levels of success. To make the card unusable, you could use a drill.

Some have set the card ablaze to get rid of it, but the numbers on the back of the credit card are usually not affected.

Although neither method might work perfectly, credit card holders may only have one option: to return the card to the issuer.

The bottom line

Although a metal credit card is more difficult to destroy than a plastic one, it’s still possible. In most cases, it is safer and more convenient to contact your credit card company to get their advice on properly disposing of your metal credit card. To request a prepaid envelope to return your card or inquire about the preferred method of disposal, call the number on your card’s back.

Remember to keep your cashback earnings and points even if the card is disposed of. You should check your accounts to make sure you do not have any lingering rewards that are waiting to be used or forfeited when the account closes.

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