How to Check M&T Bank Routing Number

M&T Routing Number: M&T Bank’s history dates back to 160 years when it was founded in Buffalo, New York. It continues to serve East Coast customers. M&T Bank offers standard banking services and products, such as wire transfers to send or receive funds.

Continue reading to find out M&T Bank’s routing number (and SWIFT code) so that you are ready for the next time you wire money.

What is Your M&T Bank Routing Number?

M&T Bank’s Routing Numbers for ACH Transfers and Domestic Wire Transfers as well as International Wire Transfers are 022000046. Your M&T Bank Routing number can change depending on where you opened your account. Below is the routing number associated with the state in which you opened your account.

M&T Bank Routing Numbers by State

M&T Bank has different routing numbers depending on the state. Here’s an example:

M&T Bank Routing Number
StateRouting Number
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut022000046
Pennsylvania, Delaware031302955
D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia052000113
m&t Routing Numbers

To ensure wire transfers are accurate, it is important to use the correct routing numbers.

What is a Routing Number?

As a way of identifying check processing endpoints, routing numbers were developed by the American Bankers Association in 1910. The routing number was created more than 100 years ago to identify financial transactions. It also identifies the origin point of a check. Routing Numbers consist of nine digits and can be used to identify financial institutions when wire transfers are made.

Are banks allowed to have multiple routing numbers?

They can. As we have seen with M&T Bank, which has multiple routing numbers that cover different states, Other banks may use one routing number that corresponds to one state or one number that covers all branches, wherever they are located. Many routing numbers might be used by large banks like Wells Fargo.

How do you find a Routing number on a check?

Routing numbers are located in the lower left corner of checks. Your account number and check number will be printed on your personal check. In case you are unsure which one is which, the routing number will always consist of nine digits.

What is the Routing Number for International Transfers

The SWIFT codes are the routing numbers that are used for international transfers. Here are the facts about M&T Bank.

  • M&T Bank SWIFT code: MANTUS33

Wire transfers are subject to a fee. M&T charges $32 to issue a domestic transfer and $75 for an international transfer.

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