Everything you need to know about How to Pay Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment

Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment

Ann Taylor Credit Card: The Ann Taylor Credit Card offers its customers with online login facility so that they can manage their accounts easily.  The online panel enables them to activate their newly received credit card and also make credit card bill payments. Issued by Comenity Bank, this card is mainly carved for the actual benefit of customers and to meet their aspect of satisfaction.

Through the online account, the users can pay their bills, view or print monthly statements, add or change their contact information, sign up for paperless billing, and much more. Customers can get 24/7 access to manage their Ann Taylor Card Account online from any device, including their computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

How to Pay Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment Online

To Pay Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment Online, you’ll need to register for online access. Here’s how:

Ann Taylor Credit Card
  1. First of all, visit the Cardmember Account Service login page.
  2. After that click on Register.
  3. After that enter your account number and ZIP code.
  4. Then follow the prompts on the screen to register the account.

After completing the Ann Taylor credit card registration process, you can log in to complete the payment. Here’s how:

  1. First of all, visit the Ann Taylor Credit Card login page and log in to your Ann Taylor credit card account.
  2. After that Click on Pay your bill.
  3. After that Enter your bank name, checking account number, social security number, and bank routing number.
  4. Select the amount you want to pay. You can make the minimum payment due, or pay the balance from your previous statement, your current balance, or any amount up to your current balance.
  5. Submit your payment.

If you don’t wish to sign in to your account, utilize the “Pay as Guest “Pay Guest” feature on the Cardmember Account Services page. You must provide your card’s number as well as the four digits that make up the Social Security number and your billing ZIP code. Follow the steps to make the payment.

How to Pay Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment via Mail

There’s also the option of mailing the Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment. Make your payment by check or money order to an amount that is at the least of your amount due. The payment should be accompanied by the payment coupon on your bill statement or write your account number on the cheque. Send the check to the address that is associated with your credit card.

For Ann Taylor’s Credit Card Payment use this payment address:

Ann Taylor Credit Card, P.O. Box 659705, San Antonio, TX 78265-9705

Ann Taylor MasterCard payment mailing address is Ann Taylor MasterCard, P.O. Box 659569, San Antonio, TX 78265-9569.

How to Pay Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment via Phone

Ann Taylor also lets you pay for credit card transactions by phone for free. To make a payment over the phone, you must collect the credit card number along with your bank account number as well as the routing number for your bank.

Contact Ann Taylor’s credit card support by calling 1-888-563-8444 (U.S. Toll-Free) or 1-614-534-2756 (International) to get Ann Taylor’s Credit Cards. Follow the prompts on the screen to make your payment. There is no cost for using the automated system However, you’ll be charged for any expedited payment paid through a customer support representative.

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