How To Pay Your Wayfair Credit Card Bill: Online, Phone, or Mail

Below you will find the key information you need as a Wayfair credit card holder to access your account online, make payments, and reach customer service for further assistance. (Note that Wayfair credit card is issued by CITI Bank, and you will interact with CITI Bank for most issues related to your account.)

Wayfair offers two credit cards – the Wayfair Mastercard and the Wayfair Credit Card – offering great perks for Wayfair shoppers. One of the best things about having a Wayfair credit card is that there are no annual fees. This means you can enjoy the card’s benefits without worrying about extra costs.

Benefits Of Wayfair Credit Card

The Wayfair credit card comes with a range of user benefits; some of these benefits include:

  1. No interest option
  2. You earn Reward points
  3. You can get $40 off your first order
  4. no annual fee
  5. Rewards can be spent on future orders
  6. You have financing options
  7. You can improve your credit score

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Online Account Access

Now let us start with this guide and check out Wayfair Credit Card Login Online methods, as mentioned below.

Wayfair Credit Card Login
Wayfair Credit Card Login

Step 1: Navigate to the official website for account access.

Step 2: Tap on Sign On.

Step 3: Enter your Login Details, User ID, and Password.

Step 4: After that, tap on Sign On.

Step 5: Once you’ve done so, you’ll be taken to your account dashboard, where you can view your balance, make payments, and more.

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How Can I Recover My Forgot Password

If you forget your Wayfair Credit Card Account’s password, follow these steps to reset/change it:

  1. Go to Wayfair Credit Card Login Website.
  2. Click on the Sign On button, and a sign-in page will appear.
  3. Under the Sign In section, click on Reset Password
  4. On the following page, enter your Card Number, Name as it Appears on Your Card, Security Code, and Last 4 Digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN.
  5. Click on the Verify button.
  6. Change your password and log in with it.

How Can I Recover My Forgot User ID

If you, unfortunately, forget your User ID, follow these steps to retrieve it:

  1. Click on Retrieve User ID.
  2. On the following page, enter your Name as it Appears on Your Card, the Last 4 Digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN, and your Phone Number.
  3. Click on the Verify button.
  4. Note down your User ID once you get it.

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How to Pay Wayfair Credit Card Payment via Mail

There’s also the option of mailing the Wayfair Credit Card Payment. Make your payment by check or money order to an amount that is at the least of your amount due. The payment should be accompanied by the payment coupon on your bill statement or write your account number on the cheque. Send the check to the address that is associated with your credit card.

  • Note: Before sending any details, please call Wayfair Credit Card Customer Service and Confirm the Mailing Address.

Wayfair/Citi Retail Services
PO Box 70267
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0267

For express payments, use this address:

Wayfair Credit Card/Mastercard
Overnight Delivery/Express Payments
Attn: Consumer Payment Dept.
400 White Clay Center Dr
Newark, DE 19711

How to Pay Wayfair Credit Card Payment via Phone

Wayfair also lets you pay for credit card transactions by phone for free. To make a payment over the phone, you must collect the credit card number along with your bank account number as well as your Social Security Number.

For Wayfair Credit Card Payment via Phone, Call 1-800-365-2714; after the call, Follow the automated prompts to schedule your payment.

Note: If you don’t make your Wayfair payment by the due date, you can still pay online, by phone, or by mail. However, a late fee of $29 will apply. Additionally, if a late fee was applied to your account within the previous six billing cycles, a higher late fee of $40.

Customer Support

The Wayfair credit card customer service phone number is 1-800-365-2714. NOTE: Please don’t provide confidential data like passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers. If you need to send them sensitive information, please use our secure messaging system. They will reply using the same method.


How do I apply for a Wayfair credit card?

To apply for a Wayfair credit card, visit the official website and tap on Apply Now.

Can I use my Wayfair credit card at other retailers?

Yes; you can use your Wayfair credit card at other retailers to earn even more rewards.

Editorial Note: CITI Bank does not provide this content. This article has been created for Education purposes only; I hope this article is helpful for Wayfair cardholders.

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